Moment Rugged Camera Sling Bag 6L And 10L Review

Moment Rugged Sling review hands on test

I’m usually a backpack man when it comes carrying my cameras and smaller accessories around. The reason for this is that I like to distribute the weight of my gear evenly across the shoulders with the help of added support from the belt around the waist. But there are times, that I don’t want to …

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Top 8 Best Budget-Friendly On-Camera Shotgun Microphones 2022

best budget shotgun microphone

You cannot make professional videos without high-quality audio. And the in-built microphone, which comes with your camera, just doesn’t cut it if you want to capture the natural sound of a scene or an interview. One way to improve the quality of your audio significantly is to use an on-camera shotgun microphone, which can be …

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10 Best Budget External Camera Monitor For Video [Buyer’s Guide]

best external camera monitor for video

In this article, you can see the best external monitors for video recording on the market today. If this is the first time you’re buying a monitor or want to brush up on your knowledge, I recommend you read the thorough guide after all the top picks of the monitor jungle before making your final …

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How To Work With Multiple Cameras In Premiere Pro In 3 Easy Steps

Multi cam

Learning how to edit with Premiere Pro’s multi-camera features is essential for your video editing tool bag. You may think of multi-camera from television sitcoms you enjoy, but it’s also great for editing client interviews, podcasts, etc.  This is an extremely easy process that only requires a little bit of setup. In this article, I …

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Best Budget Tripod For Mirrorless Cameras For Photography And Video (2022)

14522781 s

Mirrorless cameras are light, compact, and great for shooting video. However, it always helps to have a quality tripod for keeping the camera steady. Tripods also make it easier to position the camera at the best angle, switch lenses, and perform other tasks without the risk of dropping a delicate camera. In this article, I’m …

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Best Cinema Cameras Under $2000 In 2022

best cinema camera under 2000 e

Editors Choice: If you’re looking for a great deal under $2000, you can’t pass up the Lumix DC-GH5 with Rode Pro On-Camera Microphone and battery. Lumix cameras are great for beginners and advanced filmmakers, if you’re vlogging filming an independent movie.   You get a durable, weatherproof camera, great body design, and easy-to-use interface. The GH5 …

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Best Cinema Cameras Under $1500 In 2022

Lumix 14-140mm on GH5 front view

Editors Choice: If you’re looking to spend under $1500 on a fair priced and reliable camera, the Lumix DC-GH5 might be one of the best options for you. As one of the latest Lumix cameras on the market, you get a top-of-the-line durable camera with a great body design and familiar interface. It’s a great …

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14 Tips For Protecting Your Camera Gear From Bad Weather

92060387 s

The world is unpredictable and all too often that reflects itself in our shoots. If you’re an independent filmmaker and shoot outside, it’s only a matter of time until you find yourself facing bad weather. Luckily, there are some steps we can take to prepare ourselves and our gear to survive the elements Now, none …

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5 Best Budget On-Camera RGB LED Lights For Video (2022)

rgb lights best

The advent of hi-quality LEDs has made small affordable RGB LED lights available to anyone. And they’re a great creative tool if you’re shooting video and want to create a more interesting and cinematic look. Their small size, price point, and weight mean, that you can place them almost anywhere with a bit of gaffers …

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